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Baby's Grasp

Families in Bloom offers personalized lactation services to empower mothers and families in their journey to breastfeeding success. By providing you with one-on-one care, education, and support your breastfeeding experience can meet your goals as you bond with your new baby.



For families looking to learn about breastfeeding and the health benefits it provides. This visit can address the basics of breastfeeding as well as specific concerns related to you or your baby. $225

Follow Up

This visit is for families who have already been seen and would like additional help with ongoing concerns. $150/$125

Bottle/Breast Refusal

If your baby is having a hard time transitioning from breast to bottle or vice versa this visit will teach you skills to get you both where you need to be. $225/$200

Initial Visit

This visit is perfect for families who are home after the birth of their little one and goes over latch, positioning, milk supply, weighted feed, oral assessment, pump use and sizing, and any other concerns you may have. $300/$250


For families who would like to learn everything about expressing milk for their little one and how that fits into their lifestyle. $200/$175


Weaning takes place at different times and for different reasons. In this visit we can explore ways to close this chapter of feeding in ways that align with your needs and goals. $125/$100

I truly cannot express how thankful I am to have found Lauren- she is professional, knowledgeable, and very responsive. I was completely unprepared for breastfeeding but now feel totally at ease! I will be returning to her for any future help that I need.
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